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Prosser’s victory

I’ve experienced JoAnne Kloppenburg’s defeat three times. On Tuesday night I was following the AP county by county reporting, watching vote totals see-saw as each county closed and an AP reporter added data to the complete report they were compiling. I kept a running total of unreported precincts by county and put a wet finger [...]

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Anna Grindrod Feeny’s video (above) provides an objective framework for the rallies and protests. Here’s my take… The State of Wisconsin is now a battleground. Tea Party conservatives and their corporate backers allied with the Republican party have taken a stand against organized labor. Wisconsin has a Republican Governor, a Republican dominated Senate, and a [...]

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Food Safety

That damn FDA, founded a hundred years ago, just to make sure the milk bottles you got were full of milk and not white paint and rat shit. - Jon Stewart Corporate shills and Senatorial obstructionists have taken a last whack at the Food Safety bill. Filthy conditions in food plants will continue unabated if [...]

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Ben Manski the Progressive Choice for the 77th Assembly District

Ben Manski provides a progressive alternative in the best tradition of Midge Miller and Spencer Black.

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A matter of some urgency

“Not one dime! Not until Democrats pass healthcare.” That is what DNC fundraisers calling on Betsy Devine are hearing. In her blog today (see “The Blind Leading the Democrats“) Betsy takes a clear look at the Democrats’ success in 2008 with progressive party leadership, and contrasts that with the stumbling shift to “the center” that [...]

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