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Light at the end of the tunnel

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I went for the context

And the killer bees… I’ll catch the content of Stewart and Colbert’s performance on the tube. Meanwhile, I found it odd that so many people brought their dogs but none brought their kitties. Geraldo Rivera suggests that this represents a lack of diversity in the sanity movement. Rivera’s contention is absurd. There was enormous canine [...]

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Several people showed up at the rally

It had kind of a Woodstock vibe… except the music, well the music was good, but… well, okay. It didn’t have that kind of Woodstock vibe. But it was meaningful as all get out.

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Every move you make

Will the Dems really lose seventy or eighty seats in the House? Will they lose their Senate majority? Will Wisconsin voters dummy up and vote against Senator Feingold? None of these things and less will be addressed at today’s comedy show on Capitol Lawn, but for many the event will be significant. The falafel guy [...]

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Keeping sanity alive and my mouth shut

Yesterday, my carry-on packed, I headed off into the dark of a midwestern morning, on my way to the Rally to Restore Sanity. At the airport I was questioned by Transportation Safety officers and I admitted to possession of toothpaste and shampoo. They made me unpack so they could examine my Dopp kit. I had [...]

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On the bus or into the pudding

My generation grew up with a binary political perspective. For us, everything was black or white, white or black, no shades of gray. You were either “on the bus, or off the bus.” As we matured, the children of the sixties, the boomers, or-as I like to call us-the greatest generation set aside the bus [...]

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The Jon and Condi Show

Carlos Lozada, the editor of The Washington Post’s Outlook section recently suggested that Jon Stewart cancel the Rally to Restore Sanity. This would leave me with a useless prepaid round-trip ticket from fly-over country so naturally I disagree. Lozada further opined: We don’t need you to hold a rally to restore America’s sanity. We go [...]

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Obama to do Daily Show before election

Correction: A couple of days ago I said… So what did I learn last night that the fans who were saving their energy for today’s football game might have missed? Here’s a list: Condaleezza Rice was on the Jon Stewart show this week flogging her autobiography and her own peculiar brand of Presbyterianism. In an [...]

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