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Roll Over Yeats

It has been brought to my attention that this blog is the number one Google search result for “mere anarchy is loosed…” That is so stupid. [tags]kathy sierra, robert scoble, head crash of the american way of life[/tags]

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George Bush and the Government of Paraguay

“It’s come to this,” thought Shelby Jean, as she stared into the muzzle of Lenny Pitts’ snub nosed thirty-eight. Nothing had ever been said about the give-or-get-out-of-the-car moment she had shared with Lenny last winter, but now she couldn’t help but think that if she had let him cop a feel, or at least concealed [...]

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‘Cuz it sure ain’t Art

Fred for Fred’s sake…

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Wealth and Fame as an artist…

If I were to reproduce the artwork below on 4 x 8 sheets of plywood do you think people would buy them for window covering during hurricane season? How about if I send this to China and have it made into coordinated towel and bathmat sets, place mats, and doormats? Could I get volume sales [...]

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Here’s pie in your eye…

[tags]web 2 0, american pie, que sera[/tags]

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Coming soon… Mean Kids Anniversary News!

No subpoenas! No mental health diagnoses! Little character assassination and absolutely no death threats! Just plain old fun and good old rock ‘n roll! [tags]kathy sierra, no hard feelings, defamation, deprivation of income, pain and suffering, steal your face, who’s your uncle[/tags]

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My people…

Quick pause for a reminder regarding my roots:

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Writers write… punters punt

And, one assumes, ‘zinesters ‘zine.  That ace ‘zinester of our virtual present, Chris Locke,  sent another minor missive today which seemed largely to focus on one Pagan Kennedy, although Joseph Smith, a stone canoe, and a large and hungry shark also appeared.  (Oddly, Leona Helmsley did not appear; oddly, that is, in the context of [...]

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