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Olbermann on Osama and Obama

Here’s Keith Olbermann pounding out a piece on the death of Osama Bin Laden. Keith… good job man. Your hectoring tone and stentorian delivery were made for this.

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Progressive Collation

If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up. Hunter S. Thompson The Columbia Journalism Review has cranked up The News Frontier Database, “…a searchable, living, and ongoing documentation of digital news outlets across the country.” They launched with a list of about [...]

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Angelheaded Hipsters

…reincarnate in the ghostly clothes of jazz in the goldhorn shadow of the band and blew the suffering of America’s naked mind for love into an eli eli lamma lamma sabacthani saxophone cry that shivered the cities down to the last radio -Howl Looking for some online clues about Newt’s intention to announce for the [...]

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Are you prescriptive or descriptive?

Being behind a camera, in front of the camera, is my own little deconstructionist niche. - Joshua Leonard The first issue of Popular Linguistics, an online magazine, is now available for people who enjoy that sort of thing. For me, an unbridled malefactor in the realm of lay-lie-lay, an unapologetic apostrophe punter, and some would [...]

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Damn Sure Right

Intention is the core of all conscious life. It is our intentions that create karma, our intentions that help others, our intentions that lead us away from the delusions of individuality toward the immutable verities of enlightened awareness. Conscious intention colors and moves everything. - Hsing Yun From 2002 until her death in the spring [...]

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The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (aka “the FBI,” an agency with a confusing dual reporting relationship, working for both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence, partnering with-but not responsible to-the Department of Homeland Security, and for 48 years the exclusive fiefdom of J. Edgar Hoover, whose notorious use of files [...]

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Sometimes I need to post links from my browser tabs just to clear the board. Here they are, various trails I’ve wandered down in the past day or two, kicked out of the webulous undergrowth by email, tweet, blogs, or the FB soc-net: Hack the Planet, wait for the announcement that only a small tactical [...]

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Orrefors or Kohler

I’ve been on a binge. I found out that I’m powerless over Facebook and Twitter, easily addicted to Cyber-socializing in general. I know that there are only about eight people who read this blog with any frequency. This is a big improvement over 2001 when I had zero readers and only a vague clue about [...]

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