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The power of tweet

“Does Twitter dumb us down or simply reveal our innate goofiness?” asks Nick Carr this week at his blog, Rough Type. In partial answer he points us to Gideon Rachman’s column in the Financial Times. Mr. Rachman says, “Twitter is a compendium of banalities. But in Iran, the medium’s terseness and immediacy came into its [...]

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Shelley Powers declares her site redesign complete! She asks, What breadcrumb could I use to tease you all into leaving the safety of your syndication feeds, to venture into the raw and wooly lands of actual web pages? With that one sentence I’ve managed to exceed 140 characters, so I’ve already broken the rhythm of [...]

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der Bingle

bada bing… der Bingle — not just a mellifluous 20th century popular baritone, but now also a Microsoft search engine for the 21st century. Or something. It seems to work, and it gives Microsoft a fingertip grip on the ledge of internetworking, arresting their fall into the chasm of irrelevance. I searched “Cap and Trade” [...]

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Catching the Wave

Wave positions Google to smash and mash the worlds of social media and cloud computing, to drive a stake through the heart of traditional email, to sink Sharepoint and other proprietary collaboration tools. Wave is friendfeed on steroids and it is so much more. “Wave is what email would look like if it were invented [...]

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Wolfram Alpha

it was the | was the best | the best of | best of times | of times it | times it was | it was the | was the worst | the worst of | worst of times Wolfram Alpha opened its doors today. What’s Wolfram Alpha? …the first step in an ambitious, long-term [...]

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My brief foray into Movable Type

I’m putting up a vanity site, a place named after a person and designed to showcase her as a person, to reveal her hopes and dreams, to brag about her background and professional qualifications, her intelligence and good looks. The site is a virtual sash on which she can sew her cyber-scout merit badgelets. Six [...]

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OMGZ Scoble ate another hotdog

Loved the preview and can’t wait for the film! [tags]Twitter, blame it on the lisa nova, lisa nova[/tags]

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