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The Technology Space at AARP

Uhhh… Okay. Let’s just say that the technology space at AARP’s Orlando@50+ sucked. Big time. It was so cold in that corner of the show room floor that people were catching cold, their noses were running, the runny noses were causing mustaches to freeze up. It was not pleasant. Enter the guy from Google. This [...]

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The new twitter

Okay… now it gets good. * * * UPDATE: Liz Gannes posts some details at GigaOm.

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The kitchen table is covered with iTrash. We’re recharging the proprietary batteries. No grab and stash common batteries fit this gear. You can skip the pharmacy or the hardware store or the supermarket or the airport kiosk if you need a new battery. Rather, when the battery dies, you either buy the next generation of [...]

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RSS feed

There comes a time every year or two when I screw up my feed settings terribly. In fairness to myself I must add that sometimes it’s Feedburner’s fault. Sometimes their instructions are opaque, and in one instance while they were being digested by the Google borg they actually hosed up my feed themselves. Really. So [...]

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L. Ron Jobs and the Millennials

Come mothers and fathers throughout the land And don’t criticize what you can’t understand Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command Your old road is rapidly agin’. Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand For the times they are a-changin’ - Bob Dylan, 1964 Steve Jobs, Disney [...]

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My name is Frank and I am a PC

A message from the upgrade bunker… I’m heads down into my third and final day of upgrading this PC from Windows XP Media Edition (SP3) to Windows 7 Ultimate. It’s about a three hour job and-yes-I am a terrible procrastinator and foot-dragger with the flighty attention span of a carefree chickadee on a summer day, [...]

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Happy Pew Year

Once again the Pew Internet and American Life Project gives us netizens a chance to share perspectives on the evolving nature of cyberspace, the future of the Internet connected world. Now, at the end of 2009, they are asking for answers to survey questions that reflect our vision for 2020. Today, Ronni Bennett shares a [...]

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Catching the Wave

Wave positions Google to smash and mash the worlds of social media and cloud computing, to drive a stake through the heart of traditional email, to sink Sharepoint and other proprietary collaboration tools. Wave is friendfeed on steroids and it is so much more. “Wave is what email would look like if it were invented [...]

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