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Google-fu — the grasshopper emerges

The Urban Dictionary defines google-fu as “the ability to quickly answer any given question using internet resources, such as a search engine.”  By that definition, my google-fu is generally pretty strong. I’m a Googler. I google when I want to search the web. I also use Gmail when I want to send or receive email. You [...]

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Google+ excites me. Hell, Google excites me! If I was given to enthusiastic prognostication, I would say that Google will set the pace for Internet development over the next decade. Even knowing that a decade in dog years is a very, very long time and in Internet years it is practically forever, I would still [...]

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More about Zuck

“Does he give Gen Y a bad name as a pompous millennial, with a robber baron mentality or is he an American hero and inspiration?” - Under30CEO You can click on the above picture to display it full-sized in all its snarky goodness. I ran across it on Facebook so I have no clue regarding [...]

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My name is Frank and I am a PC

A message from the upgrade bunker… I’m heads down into my third and final day of upgrading this PC from Windows XP Media Edition (SP3) to Windows 7 Ultimate. It’s about a three hour job and-yes-I am a terrible procrastinator and foot-dragger with the flighty attention span of a carefree chickadee on a summer day, [...]

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Buzz cuts

Google Buzz has been up and running for a couple of days and the amount of interest generated has been phenomenal. Reviews are mixed. I love it. It provides a canvas for anybody to share their digital offerings, whether blog posts, tweets, videos, still photography, or just online chat. It’s an open environment (as contrasted [...]

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oops, somebody trademarked socialnomics. What about SMEBS?

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