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Shilling for uggs

I received an email from some Brit suggesting that if I’d plug his ugg style “Whooga” boots, he would perhaps give me an extremely modest sum for the favor. Works for me because I’m a big fan of ugg style boots anyway. No conflict of interest! I especially like them on women with long legs, [...]

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Snuggly not too uggly ugg ‘stryne boots

Whittier wrote, The foot is yours; where’er it falls, It treads your well-wrought leather, On earthen floor, in marble halls, On carpet, or on heather. Still there the sweetest charm is found Of matron grace or vestal’s, As Hebe’s foot bore nectar round Among the old celestials. Rap, rap!–your stout and bluff brogan, With footsteps [...]

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Prop. 8 Failure, Obama Success

I’m bummed that Proposition 8 passed in California and I’m delighted that Obama won. As a supporter of same sex marriage and a supporter of Barack Obama, I want to weigh in on an unfortunate bit of pop-political analysis that implies that it is somehow the black communities’ fault that same sex marriage was defeated [...]

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Anybody else see a couple of problems looming for the dream ticket? See: Wired Science -and- See: Threat Level [tags]drill and pump, pump and drill, kill the whales, eat their krill[/tags]

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Strange bedbugs

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Butch up!

Get your Caterpillar gear here! Beats the heck out of a Bob Dylan rayon bowling shirt. I think rayon is a body odor amplifier, don’t you? It’s not absorbent enough to stanch the flow of a really manly sweat. [tags]Caterpillarian party gear[/tags]

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Ali G, Noam Chomsky, Posh Spice, and the Great Extinction

So. I watched Noam Chomsky explaining away the myth of American democracy with a bow to Robert Dahl’s theory of Polyarchy. Then, as often happens when YouTubated, I found myself watching Ali G’s interview of Professor Chomsky, an interview that explored relationships of many words as only Ali G might be expected to connect them. [...]

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This just in from Ghana…

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