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BJ Fogg’s top ten mistakes of behavior change

I met BJ Fogg in 2004 or 2005 at an “Accelerating Change” conference. I thought then that his study of “persuasive tech” was creepy. Bringing the tools of networked communications to those who would modify the behavior of large masses of people smacks of miscreance. “Persuasive technology” was all the rage in the GW Bush [...]

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Attention Deficit

“Instead of thinking about ‘emptiness’ as a lack or something missing, think about it as space, as possibility, as your place to expand. And then welcome the emptiness around you.” — Karen Murphy Nice distinction. here’s something tangential… Instead of thinking of attention deficit as a disability or an inability to focus, we might think [...]

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Five crass things about NBC’s Olympic coverage

The Canadian culture was on display during the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics last night. NBC’s USian broadcast style was an embarrassing contrast. The Canadians demonstrated how creative and open they can be while maintaining a gracious, polite and orderly presence. NBC did a good job covering the event when the cameras were rolling [...]

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The Making of an Elder Culture

Forty years ago, pop sociologist Theodore Roszak tried to explain a dominant meme of the sixties with his book The Making of a Counter Culture. The tag “counter culture” was widely adopted in the media and served as a convenient label to bound a set of activities that went against the grain of the values [...]

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By Betty Jo Chang This is the 40th Anniversary of the Occupation of Alcatraz Island by the American Indian Movement (1969-1971), AND Football season so perhaps this little tale is timely. I was at Stanford during the great controversy (1970-1972) over the Stanford Indian Symbol for the Football team, and over Chief Lightfoot (Timm Williams, [...]

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Select Alaska Links

Alaska Lynx Encounters (mp3)… Richard Nelson’s direct experience with polar bears. Encounters (web site) Richard Nelson biography Blogs bringing up to the minute facts and perspectives from our 49th State… Mark Begich for U.S. Senate Progressive Alaska AK Root Cellar Alaska Anonymous Alaska Cafe Alaska Chinook Alaska Employment Law Alaska Peace Coalition Alaska Real [...]

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Them and Us, We and They

Sarah Palin wanted to ban books from the public library when she was mayor of the little town of Wasilla, Alaska. That type of anti-intellectual thuggery is typical of extremists on the left and on the right. Moving away from the frame of constipated values and interpersonal smack-downs towards the more issues-based interactions we can [...]

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Coming up on 8:08 08/08/08

Eight minutes from now… think I’ll pour another cuppa and retire to the reading room to make it most memorable.

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