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The tweeting of Ronnie Lee Gardner

Ronnie Lee Gardner had his surf and turf, a couple of days of fasting, and then he was executed. This made the news. To assure complete coverage, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff tweeted the event. twitter: complete coverage of the World Cup, the Lakers, and deaths by firing squad. All the fits that’s news… and [...]

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Town and Gown

Cambridge, Massachusetts was in the news this week. A city cop busted a black professor on his own property following some verbal hassles. The professor was understandably freaked out by the cop’s behavior. The cop interpreted that as disrespect for the law or disorderly conduct or something. Basically, the effect of the arrest was to [...]

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Perpetuating Injustice

Here’s a link to a right wing rationale for the internment of blacks in America. The author, John McAdams, says (the bolding is my own): But when Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle set up a Commission on supposed “racial disparity” in the Wisconsin criminal justice system, he not only asserted that the disparity is real (which [...]

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Meanwhile, back in the US of A…

I’m looking at last Tuesday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “State leads in prison drug gap,” says the headline. The subhead explains, “Blacks get drug terms 42 times the rate of whites, studies say.” The front page story replete with data and charts and graphs continues on page nine with the headline, “Studies show bias in drug [...]

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One in a Hundred American Adults Imprisoned

1.6 million Americans are in prison. But Cheney is on the outside. And George Bush is on the outside. And the Keating five are on the outside. That entire mafia of American upper class privilege strips the wealth of the nation, destroys lives around the globe, operates outside the law and gets away with it, [...]

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Justice Forum at Edgewood College

Criminal Justice in Wisconsin: Effective Strategies for Change, Feb. 23, Madison “Criminal Justice in Wisconsin: Effective Strategies for Change” will be held at Edgewood College on Saturday, February 23, 2008, from 9:30 am- 2:30 pm at the Anderson Auditorium. Speakers will include: Madison Police Chief Noble Wray, on the Governor’s Commission on Reducing Racial Disparity [...]

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Wisconsin Racial Disparities Report Issued

The “Commission on Reducing Racial Disparities in the Wisconsin Justice System” issued its final report (.pdf file) today, complete with detailed recommendations. The report notes that, The United States Census Bureau statistics reviewed by the Commission revealed that Wisconsin has a population that is 86% Caucasian. By comparison, the statistics of the Wisconsin Department of [...]

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Still no easy answers…

Phillip Jackson, Executive Director of the Black Star Project, Chicago, IL, published an op-ed in the last March that was picked up by the Villager this month and harshed on pretty bad by Prometheus 6 in a post titled “I Call Bullshit.” Charles Follymacher pointed to that post. I followed his link then wrote [...]

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