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Driving that train

A day doesn’t go by without a misstep by Governor Scott Walker. Today’s revelations by the Government Accountability Board and the Milwaukee District Attorney that William Gardner, a huge Walker donor and the owner and president of the Wisconsin & Southern railroad, will plead guilty to two felony counts of campaign money laundering is merely [...]

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Prosser’s victory

I’ve experienced JoAnne Kloppenburg’s defeat three times. On Tuesday night I was following the AP county by county reporting, watching vote totals see-saw as each county closed and an AP reporter added data to the complete report they were compiling. I kept a running total of unreported precincts by county and put a wet finger [...]

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The Dignity of Work

Last night in Chicago we saw a moving performance of “Working,” the musical based on Studs Terkel’s 1974 book. One of the themes that emerges centers on the hope we all share that our children will do better than we do. An iron worker’s son disappoints his dad by not going to college, but rather [...]

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The Kloppenburg Referendum

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is an embarrassment. But the clouds began to clear away this morning. The sun is peeking through. Today JoAnne Kloppenburg won the seat of the court’s angry conservative, David Prosser. The sexist Prosser is best known for calling his boss, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson, a “total bitch,” and threatening to “destroy her.” [...]

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Eileen Bruskewitz

Eileen Bruskewitz is a white haired, conservative white woman from a white district, a spunky politician whose yard signs are emblazoned with her first name. She’s running for County Executive. Let’s do a quick free association test: I say “County….” You say? “Coroner.” That’s right. Basically, the County Coroner is the person that we think [...]

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What’s next

The State Capitol policeman who let me into the locked-down Wisconsin Department of Administration today was frank. “My union was eliminated today,” he said. “And it’s doubtful that there will be enough money in the budget to replace the expired bullet proof vest I’m wearing.” It’s hard to know what to say to that. I [...]

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Republican disinformation

Republican subversives, the same greedy corporate players that brought us the Citizens United decision and tipped the 2000 election in favor of that incredibly stupid and detached exemplar of vacuity, George W. Bush, have been funneling money into a media saturation campaign in Wisconsin. The campaign is rife with misinformation and deceit. It’s tedious to [...]

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Days of unrest, continued

Reinvigorated by the idealism and fighting spirit on display right now in America’s heartland, the movement for “hope and change” has a rare, second chance. It can renew itself and become again a national force with which to be reckoned. — Van Jones I caught the last half hour of Meet the Press yesterday, a [...]

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