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Legal beagles

Nose to the ground, sniffing out truth, justice, and freedom of information, the Berkman Center announced today that its Online Media Legal Network (OMLN) is “…partnering with the National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC) to assist with freedom of information lawsuits and to provide online journalists with FOI information and assistance.” The OMLN serves “online [...]

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ἀ–λήθεια — the state of being evident “No one ever got fired for signing up for another year’s subscription to BlackBoard,” AKMA observes in a post separating the faster horses of academic technology from the plodding oxen of old edu-ware. img {float:right; margin-left:25px} The idea that “no one ever got fired for buying” retro-tech underscores [...]

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Hammy Samwich

A celebration of, and hermeneutic inquiry into, the NeoPoMo philosophy of the corporate hegelian interpretive community. [tags]sammy retten, not sammy sosa, sammy save, save sammy, sammy rettenten the wonder dog[/tags]

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God Delusion Index

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Cronin on Post-modernism

I was reading an Edge interview with Dr. Helena Cronin of the London School of Economics and I ran across the following passage. It so eloquently spoke my own mind, that I had to capture it here. The more often that rationalists and humanists have the courage to speak these truths, the sooner we will [...]

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Advent — a new beginning

On Friday, according to Newser, Pope Benedict issued a strong condemnation of atheism and warned that advances in technology must be met with similar advancements in ethics. This from a man whose business is selling eternal life, whose greatest marketing tool is the fear of death, who underscores the fear by promising torture and damnation [...]

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Expectations, by Micki Krimmel

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November is Gratitude Month

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