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More about Zuck

“Does he give Gen Y a bad name as a pompous millennial, with a robber baron mentality or is he an American hero and inspiration?” - Under30CEO You can click on the above picture to display it full-sized in all its snarky goodness. I ran across it on Facebook so I have no clue regarding [...]

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The war on nutz

You can’t be friends with a squirrel. A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit. - Sarah Jessica Parker Corporate white-hat hackers and the Mossad have set back Persian plans for nuclear bomb production by at least three years according to an article in today’s New York Times. Fact checking the Times puff [...]

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BJ Fogg’s top ten mistakes of behavior change

I met BJ Fogg in 2004 or 2005 at an “Accelerating Change” conference. I thought then that his study of “persuasive tech” was creepy. Bringing the tools of networked communications to those who would modify the behavior of large masses of people smacks of miscreance. “Persuasive technology” was all the rage in the GW Bush [...]

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Transcript of Al Franken Speech re Network Neutrality and NBC Comcast merger

Al Franken spoke today with clarity and vision regarding the role of the FCC and his hopes that the cable industry will not be able to exercise vertical control of the net, from the bandwidth to the content. Long story short… the Comcast/NBC merger must not be allowed to happen!! The following transcript is choppy, [...]

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The Technology Space at AARP

Uhhh… Okay. Let’s just say that the technology space at AARP’s Orlando@50+ sucked. Big time. It was so cold in that corner of the show room floor that people were catching cold, their noses were running, the runny noses were causing mustaches to freeze up. It was not pleasant. Enter the guy from Google. This [...]

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Netroots Wisconsin

It’s a beautiful fall day, full of cross-currents and coincidence. This is a quick catch-all, catch-up post so i can clear the boards for next week. I have interview questions to prepare for the AARP Orlando@50+ conference and I’ve managed to procrastinate until yesterday’s Cheddarsphere gathering ended because I’m a single threaded kind of guy. [...]

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Sodding the Commons

Netroots Wisconsin hosts Uniting the Cheddarsphere in Madison today. They tapped me for the panel “Fighting Astroturf-Based Telecom Policy and a Corporate Broadband Future.” Astroturf? Whazzat? Take a look at this excerpt from a letter filed with the FCC by the “Arkansas Retired Seniors Coalition,” a group that leaves no trace of itself on the [...]

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The new twitter

Okay… now it gets good. * * * UPDATE: Liz Gannes posts some details at GigaOm.

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