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Don’t need a weatherman…

The Washington Post references lots of unnamed “officials” to support its speculation that the Republicans might postpone their convention to avoid a public relations disaster should Hurricane Gustav slams into New Orleans during the Republican Convention: Staging a convention during a major natural disaster would be a public relations challenge for either political party. But [...]

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Park suffers fallen arches…

…isn’t that a great headline?

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Short takes…

Bowling, it’s the new bowling… who knew they do this in SoCal? Milwaukee, yeah, but Anaheim? * * * One out of four isn’t bad, is it? Half of youngsters aged nine to 11 were unable to identify a daddy-long-legs, oak tree, blue tit or bluebell, in the poll by BBC Wildlife Magazine. * * [...]

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Thanks NASA [tags]Lockheed Martin, NASA, if we wreck up the earth maybe we can all move to mars and eat red dirt[/tags]

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The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

The plains abound with three kinds of partridge,* two of which are as large as hen pheasants. Their destroyer, a small and pretty fox, was also singularly numerous; in the course of the day we could not have seen less than forty or fifty. They were generally near their earths, but the dogs killed one. [...]

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God Delusion Index

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A Racoon Came By

There’s an old hackberry tree, maybe seventy feet tall, at the front of the house. Do we say “hackberry tree?” We don’t say “oak tree.” “Oak” suffices. There’s an old hackberry at the front of the house, stage right of the entrance. Perhaps I should say house left. The living room windows provide a view [...]

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Just Ducky!

Fresh from the wikipedia hotline, this just in… Cornelius Coot (1790-1880) was born in 1790 as an American citizen. His ancestors had been in America for quite some time and his roots are believed to reach to the colonization of Jamestown, Virginia (1607) and the voyage of the Mayflower (1620). But he is the first [...]

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