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Dances with chipmunks

I just got back from a hike on the prairie. Dogs are glad I’m home. They like these daylight rambles in the fall, the season for gathering seeds from the prairie… big blue stem, little blue stem, prairie drop seed, Indian feather grass, compass plant, prairie dock, cone flowers, and umpteen kinds of sunflowers all [...]

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An exciting moment in dermatology

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Sarah Palin School of Wildlife Management

“If you shoot wolves to save moose, and then you shoot the moose, you’re either out of your mind or in Alaska.” - Friends of Animals poster, autumn, 2008 And now the State of Nevada is using the same logic to kill mountain lions that prey on deer. The reasoning being that we need to [...]

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Pigs and Dogs

Tastes vary of course… Deelishus doggies… these little piggies… I’m reminded of when the boys were 10 or 11 and we went to the county fair. All the piggies were washed up and on display, resting on fresh bedding, happy as clams. Many had the names of the meat packing companies that purchased them displayed [...]

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Select Alaska Links

Alaska Lynx Encounters (mp3)… Richard Nelson’s direct experience with polar bears. Encounters (web site) Richard Nelson biography Blogs bringing up to the minute facts and perspectives from our 49th State… Mark Begich for U.S. Senate Progressive Alaska AK Root Cellar Alaska Anonymous Alaska Cafe Alaska Chinook Alaska Employment Law Alaska Peace Coalition Alaska Real [...]

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Executioner’s Thong

Much has been made of the “executive” experience of half-term Governor Palin (Alaska). Running smoothly on some combination of Astroglide and Chutzpah, this week the Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin asserted that she “knows how to execute.” George W. Bush knew how to execute too. According to the ‘pedia, “During his tenure, Bush signed the [...]

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Caribou, Palin, Red State Values

The conversation went like this… “Mommy! Can we go home now?” The child was in tears. “Suck it up, Piper! It’s not like I killed fucking Bambi.” The mother does everything she can to ensure that her daughter embraces a love of the outdoors and traditional values of sportsmanship. “But, Mommy, I don’t like all [...]

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Anybody else see a couple of problems looming for the dream ticket? See: Wired Science -and- See: Threat Level [tags]drill and pump, pump and drill, kill the whales, eat their krill[/tags]

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