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The statin stupids

I had a little heart problem a year or so ago and the doc prescribed simvastatin. During the time that I’ve taken the drug, those around me have noticed a dumbing down and a slowness of response. I’ve noticed this too, and I’ve also noticed a decreased ability to find the right word in conversation [...]

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We ARE Number Thirty-seven

Yes we are! We are number thirty-seven in the World Health Organization’s last published ranking of quality of health care by country. And we are proud of it! We did, after all, beat out Cuba (39), Mexico (61), and Bangladesh (88). Rwanda, Chad, and, Somalia? We are way better than them. It does kinda irk [...]

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Single payer without compromise

The time has come for the Democratic majority to act in unison to implement universal single-payer medical care in the US. The US corporatocracy, the profit taking machine that dominates every facet of our lives, must stand aside. No sly winks and nudges. No fear mongering. No lobbying, vote buying, or bullying. Here is how [...]

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Slouching Toward Medicare

For me the odometer rolls over in December. I’ll turn 65 then. I’ve been fortunate all my life where health care is concerned. As a kid, in my parents’ home, I was unconscious of how the medical bills got paid. Those were simpler times, before the corporations ran rough-shod over public and private life, before [...]

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August 20 is Elders for Health Care Reform Day

A week or so ago, Ronni Bennett (Time Goes By) called for our reflections on health care reform. She proposed: That next week, on Thursday 20 August, elderbloggers rise up on their blogs in support of health care reform including a public option That we denounce the say-no-to-everything Republicans and their handmaidens, the Blue Dog [...]

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In Support of a Public Health Insurance Option

“A public option is a fundamental part of ensuring health care reform brings about real change. Opposing the public plan is an endorsement of the status quo in this country that has left tens of millions of Americans uninsured or underinsured and put massive burdens on employers. I have heard too many horror stories from [...]

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Health care and aging

Knowledge is out there, but it don’t come served to you on a bun. - Sonny Barger Worried about the cost of medical care? You’re not alone. But don’t worry. Be happy. The truth about health care costs has been teased out of a cost/benefit analysis and the results are, well… not surprising. The most [...]

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COURAGE Guinea pigs — patients at veterans hospitals

Optimal Medical Therapy with or without PCI for Stable Coronary Disease, NEJM April 12, 2007 Clinical Outcomes Utilizing Revascularization and Aggressive Drug Evaluation (COURAGE) This is not to question the ethical standards of the men and women who conducted this research, nor is it to voice a cultural criticism regarding the Veterans Administration as a [...]

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