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Every move you make

Will the Dems really lose seventy or eighty seats in the House? Will they lose their Senate majority? Will Wisconsin voters dummy up and vote against Senator Feingold? None of these things and less will be addressed at today’s comedy show on Capitol Lawn, but for many the event will be significant. The falafel guy [...]

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Five crass things about NBC’s Olympic coverage

The Canadian culture was on display during the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics last night. NBC’s USian broadcast style was an embarrassing contrast. The Canadians demonstrated how creative and open they can be while maintaining a gracious, polite and orderly presence. NBC did a good job covering the event when the cameras were rolling [...]

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All swine flu, all the time

First let’s check Fox News. Hmmm. Geraldo Rivera is there reporting on the outbreak at the high school in Queens. A search on twitter shows thousands of tweets… sixty-nine more swine flu tweets came in while I wrote the preceding sentence. Oops, now it’s 179 tweets since I looked. This is like drinking from a [...]

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Roll Over Yeats

It has been brought to my attention that this blog is the number one Google search result for “mere anarchy is loosed…” That is so stupid. [tags]kathy sierra, robert scoble, head crash of the american way of life[/tags]

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What happens in MplsSt.PaulTheTwinCities Stays in MplsSt.PaulTheTwinCities

Where the marginalized and the disenfranchised meet Ward and June and Wally and Beav…

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Winston Churchill Needs an Airport

Of course there is already a Churchill Airport in Churchill, Manitoba (Polar Bear Capital of the World), but it’s named after the town which is named after the river which is named after John Churchill, Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company from 1685 to 1691. I’m not aware of an airport named after Winston Churchill. [...]

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New York Times on Web Girls

…a study published in December by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that among Web users ages 12 to 17, significantly more girls than boys blog (35 percent of girls compared with 20 percent of boys) and create or work on their own Web pages (32 percent of girls compared with 22 percent [...]

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Cheeses of Switzerland

Cheeses of Switzerland Cheeto planet [tags]about ninety minutes in somebody yawns, empire, warhol knew what he was doing, minor irritants, runtime 485 minutes[/tags]

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