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Ronni Bennett writing for the Wall Street Journal

Ronni Bennett, a leader in the elder blogging community has an essay (“Put it in Writing”) in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal. She provides URLs of eight older people who have been bitten by the blog bug. At 63, I’m one of the younger ones she cites. Here’s a back door around the Journal’s pay-to-play firewall. [...]

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Howard Rheingold’s Vlog

Proof that the thing about old dogs and new tricks is wrong. I’m glad that intelligent people with experience and depth are arriving on that scene. Sort of a reverse Gresham’s law: Good material drives out sucky material. [tags]howard rheingold, vlog, howard rheingold vlog[/tags]

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Open Source Academics…

I’m grateful to my friend and fellow blogger, Peter (The Other) Kaye of Loose Poodle, for directing my attention to Phil Ford’s blog and to his blog posted essay/address to the American Musicological Society Annual Meeting held this week in Quebec City. Dial “M” for Musicology is an academic group blog, but Ford seems to [...]

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day one or so…

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now we’re clicking…

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Stat Counter

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