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“WordPress 3.1.3 is available! Please update now.” Sure. I’ll do that-right after I’m done pruning the the shrubbery. Sometimes life seems like a simple cycle of never-ending maintenance, from software updates to landscape care, from painting the woodwork to replacing the tires on the car, from pet visits to the vet for rabies shots to [...]

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Let’s move

First Lady Michelle Obama, along with DC-area children, plant the White House Kitchen Garden. The garden includes spinach, peas, lettuce, broccoli, blueberries, raspberries and other vegetables and herbs. I wish I had nice raised beds and as fine a crew of helpers as Michelle Obama.

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Too hip

They were talking about dirt on public radio. The guest, some kind of eco-dude engaged for Earth Day infotainment, suggested there should be a contest. Offer some kind of prize, he suggested, for the first caller who can name the state soil. I’m fumbling in my shirt pocket for my phone, left hand on the [...]

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Going down the road

It was a great day filled with lots of “what-does-it-take” chores. A “what-does-it-take” chore is just what it sounds like, something that needs doing, that can be done in a short time and with little effort, something that’s so obvious and likely so easy that it gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list [...]

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Today is the opening day of the farmers market on the square and the day that ill-informed whiners have called “tax day.” Supposedly, if you had to pay all your taxes before you could keep any of your take home pay, today would be the day you would finally be free of the 2011 tax [...]

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Ten years after

One would think that after ten years blogging and flogging I would have improved. One would think. Sadly, the last three years barely count. I’ve cranked out the obligatory post or four most every month but I’ve wasted an awful lot of online time in the so-called social web, twitter and Facebook and so forth. [...]

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Dear diary

When I saw it working that day in 1954, I felt like some latter-day Newton who’d just had an Idaho potato caromed off his skull. That night in my motel room I did a lot of heavy thinking about what I’d seen during the day. Visions of McDonald’s restaurants dotting crossroads all over the country [...]

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Food Safety

That damn FDA, founded a hundred years ago, just to make sure the milk bottles you got were full of milk and not white paint and rat shit. - Jon Stewart Corporate shills and Senatorial obstructionists have taken a last whack at the Food Safety bill. Filthy conditions in food plants will continue unabated if [...]

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