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Too hip

They were talking about dirt on public radio. The guest, some kind of eco-dude engaged for Earth Day infotainment, suggested there should be a contest. Offer some kind of prize, he suggested, for the first caller who can name the state soil. I’m fumbling in my shirt pocket for my phone, left hand on the [...]

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Bristlecone pine

Doug Lucchetti shared the following anecdote in the comments following a TED talk given by Rachel Sussman: The discovery in the 60s of the extreme age of some Bristlecones, ones that express strip growth as an adaptation to harsh cold dry conditions and grow specifically in otherwise inhospitable environments, is one of the most fascinating [...]

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Windchime Time Lapse of Perseids Meteor Shower

Image by Nomad Art Works I missed Perseid sky watching this week due to mosquitoes and humidity. Thanks to @NASA_GoddardPix on twitter I have a couple of great images available for my vicarious enjoyment. Bonus! They have a link to a high def video of the recent solar activity, the coronal mass ejection or super-flare [...]

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Clonal moo juice

Savvy dairymen in Britain may be adulterating the nation’s milk supply with something that looks like milk, tastes like milk, and comes from an animal that moos like a milker, but leaves regulators and ethical arbiters unsure of whether or not to permit its consumption. Here and there around the world, cloned cows and their [...]

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What You Need to Know About the Gulf Oil Disaster

By Barbara O’Brien Every day, news about the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gets worse. This week we learned that a large section of the Gulf could become a “dead zone” as oil-eating microorganisms proliferate and suck oxygen out of the water. Whether anything positive could somehow come from this disaster remains [...]

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The French Fry and the Polluted Sky

Last month at, Andy Grove offered his perspectives on innovation and job creation and America’s failure to link the two. (See “How to Make an American Job Before It’s Too Late.”) Grove led Intel to global dominance in the microprocessor market, and he’s uniquely qualified to talk about the conditions that have stunted American [...]

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Weekend Bobcat

Lots o’ lynx… Google stuff. So much of this is great. Why is Feedburner so difficult for me? Can the US Punish BP’s Shareholders? The editors of the New York Times asked that question. Is there any doubt that the US could freeze their assets and confiscate every dime? And would that be “punishment?” The [...]

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Twas me, and you, our thirst, indelicate

A sonnet by Sarah Gilbert and Mara Collins Sarah Gilbert (“mama, military wife, writer, cooker of inconvenient food, photographer of life, finance geek, keeper of chickens, beginning farmer”) posted a poem called oil leak: a sonnet. The final couplet: ‘Twas me, and you, our thirst, indelicate gulping, our leak, our spill, our oil-stained foot. It’s [...]

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