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I went for the context

And the killer bees… I’ll catch the content of Stewart and Colbert’s performance on the tube. Meanwhile, I found it odd that so many people brought their dogs but none brought their kitties. Geraldo Rivera suggests that this represents a lack of diversity in the sanity movement. Rivera’s contention is absurd. There was enormous canine [...]

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Dances with chipmunks

I just got back from a hike on the prairie. Dogs are glad I’m home. They like these daylight rambles in the fall, the season for gathering seeds from the prairie… big blue stem, little blue stem, prairie drop seed, Indian feather grass, compass plant, prairie dock, cone flowers, and umpteen kinds of sunflowers all [...]

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Bristlecone pine

Doug Lucchetti shared the following anecdote in the comments following a TED talk given by Rachel Sussman: The discovery in the 60s of the extreme age of some Bristlecones, ones that express strip growth as an adaptation to harsh cold dry conditions and grow specifically in otherwise inhospitable environments, is one of the most fascinating [...]

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Leader of the Pack

She ain’t no Toto She ain’t no Lassie She ain’t no Rin Tin Tin But she does have a high degree of self-importance. Combine that strong personality with a great sense of humor, a little arrogance, limitless energy, and an assertive nature and you have Tessa, a pup that’s very hard to train. When she’s [...]

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Dead Horse

Braxton, the horse in the middle in the picture below, passed away this weekend. It’s not mandatory to be blown about in the tempestuous seas of irony and synchronicity. We have a choice. It’s not required that we comment on every coincidental circumstance that somehow adds a deeper meaning to the tapestry of our lives. [...]

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molly on her fifth birthday

molly at five How the time does fly. Molly at five is quite the model citizen, while Tessa plays the role of identified mental patient. Tessa (below) will be a year old next week. tessa at nine months

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Sunday, 6:30a.m., walking the dogs, I fell on the ice. I wasn’t the only one. I walked out to check the road, and I satisfied myself that we wouldn’t be driving anywhere. We’d be playing it safe and warm, cocooning, staying off the highway because it was slipperier than goose grease. I turned back toward [...]

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Pigs and Dogs

Tastes vary of course… Deelishus doggies… these little piggies… I’m reminded of when the boys were 10 or 11 and we went to the county fair. All the piggies were washed up and on display, resting on fresh bedding, happy as clams. Many had the names of the meat packing companies that purchased them displayed [...]

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