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The R Word

The only people more cruel than kids are grown-ups. One day last August Rahm Emanuel reminded us of that when he called liberal activists “retarded.” I’m sure he brought that insult with him as baggage from the school yard. Early last week his off-hand insult was dredged up by Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Wallsten [...]

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Prop. 8 Failure, Obama Success

I’m bummed that Proposition 8 passed in California and I’m delighted that Obama won. As a supporter of same sex marriage and a supporter of Barack Obama, I want to weigh in on an unfortunate bit of pop-political analysis that implies that it is somehow the black communities’ fault that same sex marriage was defeated [...]

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Thanks Zo.

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Warren Buffet on Derivatives

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report 12/31/2002 Derivatives Charlie and I are of one mind in how we feel about derivatives and the trading activities that go with them: We view them as time bombs, both for the parties that deal in them and the economic system. Having delivered that thought, which I’ll get back to, let [...]

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In your shorts

Here’s a pretty good article on asymmetric risk. It provides an entering wedge into understanding the delusional nature of hedge funds. Consider… Almost, all financial derivatives display asymmetric payoffs. All sold (short) option positions and sold (short) derivatives positions - something that banks, financial institutions, hedge funds and even corporations engage in regularly these days [...]

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NYT Fashion and Style

Cultural biases run deep. Look for the Netroots conference and you’ll find coverage in the New York times Politics section. Look for BlogHer and you’ll find it in the women’s pages, the New York times Fashion and Style section. Erin Kotecki Vest has already commented on this in her own space, Queen of Spain, and [...]

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Perpetuating Injustice

Here’s a link to a right wing rationale for the internment of blacks in America. The author, John McAdams, says (the bolding is my own): But when Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle set up a Commission on supposed “racial disparity” in the Wisconsin criminal justice system, he not only asserted that the disparity is real (which [...]

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Meanwhile, back in the US of A…

I’m looking at last Tuesday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “State leads in prison drug gap,” says the headline. The subhead explains, “Blacks get drug terms 42 times the rate of whites, studies say.” The front page story replete with data and charts and graphs continues on page nine with the headline, “Studies show bias in drug [...]

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