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Going down the road

It was a great day filled with lots of “what-does-it-take” chores. A “what-does-it-take” chore is just what it sounds like, something that needs doing, that can be done in a short time and with little effort, something that’s so obvious and likely so easy that it gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list [...]

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Light at the end of the tunnel

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AARP Drum Circle

Caught this using my little Nikon Coolpix, a handheld still camera with some video capability. The escalator ride seemed like a good idea at the time, but obviously I should have ridden it down first and then done the long dolly out at the end. Oh well. Busby Berkeley, I ain’t, but I’m pretty good [...]

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For What It’s Worth

The last event of the Orlando@50 AARP gathering was a powerhouse concert featuring stars from the sixties. Richie Havens opened the show, and yes, he sang “Freedom” during his set. Next up was Judy Collins and she covered favorites from “Diamonds and Rust”, through “Both Sides Now” to “Send in the Clowns”. When a creative [...]

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Fiberguy on harp

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This is old news, but it’s probably a meme worth propagating. Singer/song writer Dave Caroll had a grievance. United Airlines baggage handlers broke his $1500 Taylor guitar. Earlier this month the musician, with backing from his band The Sons of Maxwell, released his YouTube lament about the breakage. Three weeks later over three and a [...]

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140 characters is too few

“Twitter” rhymes with “fritter” and that’s what I’ve done-frittered too much time away following other people’s interests. The stream of information is compelling, but my continuous-partial-attention time slicer doesn’t slice thin enough for me to follow your tweets while I do my stuff. Yet online connection and conversation enriches me. It’s my intention to follow [...]

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Yo mama

Got a Hallmark Holiday on the horizon. It’s that day of the year when we’re reminded to love and respect the moms. The rest of the year I guess we can tell them to go to hell. This Sunday kids from coast to coast will be messing up kitchens to fix mama her breakfast in [...]

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