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Sometimes I need to post links from my browser tabs just to clear the board. Here they are, various trails I’ve wandered down in the past day or two, kicked out of the webulous undergrowth by email, tweet, blogs, or the FB soc-net: Hack the Planet, wait for the announcement that only a small tactical [...]

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Catching the Wave

Wave positions Google to smash and mash the worlds of social media and cloud computing, to drive a stake through the heart of traditional email, to sink Sharepoint and other proprietary collaboration tools. Wave is friendfeed on steroids and it is so much more. “Wave is what email would look like if it were invented [...]

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Web Hyperlink Oriented Architecture

That’s right. WHOA!

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Cloud Computing, Chrome, and Google Gears

What makes a browser fast? “Good enough for who it’s for,” may sound somewhat cynical, but it makes sense in context. Application speed expectations constantly shift to the right, it doesn’t matter what application you’re evaluating, and browsers are no exception. At the risk of irritating him, I’ll point to the browser speed comparisons that [...]

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