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Maverick? No, branded.

quote by: John McCain tombstone created with: poster created with: mashup by: RageBoy

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Life without JC

Blogger Jason McCabe Calacanis, no relation to Charles McCabe (and therefore of little interest to readers of this blog), announced today that he will retire from blogging. There is some speculation that his retirement is mandated by the pending sale of his bicycle powered steam-punk search engine “Aloha” to Microsoft. Calacanis intends to maintain connections [...]

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George Carlin - In memoriam

seven words schtick here more on that caca from wikipedia wikipedia biographical article [tags]george carlin, seven filthy words, fcc versus pacifica[/tags]

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The Trouble with Peeps

We had a little Easter basket on the dining room sideboard — jelly beans, a chocolate/coconut “nest,” a couple of large chocolate bunnies for ear nipping on an Easter afternoon, and of course a few Peeps. If I lived alone, there would be no Peeps in the basket, but Beth has a taste for them [...]

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Tech Bloggers

That big sucking sound you hear is the disappearance of Robert Scoble from the tech blogging scene. Don’t believe me? Count his posts. Ask yourself how “tech” are they these days? See what I mean? Gone. pfffft… no more Scoble. Okay, buh-bye, we’ll miss you and your excited ravings, Robert. Fortunately, the blogosphere abhors a [...]

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The Android SDK will be released Monday, 11/12. The iPhoners are struggling to keep up. buh-bye iPhone. Hello Gphone. [tags]fake steve jobs, do no weevils, gphone, hit the gspot[/tags]

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Washington DC, Halloween

I saw more skinny white dudes in shades wearing skinny black frock coats and pretending to be Neo than you could shake a stick at. I saw a waitress dressed like Annie Oakley who had me convinced. I saw a guy in a gorilla suit and a girl dressed like a gangster in some Warren [...]

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End of life

My friend said he wasn’t reading Scoble, Scobes, the Scobleizer, the Scobie-dobie dude. I asked him why. He said, I can’t fathom why I should. Why anybody would. I looked at something someone pointed to. Utter bilge. What world is this that people have time for Scoble? Well, I think the following critical insights that [...]

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