Today is the opening day of the farmers market on the square and the day that ill-informed whiners have called “tax day.” Supposedly, if you had to pay all your taxes before you could keep any of your take home pay, today would be the day you would finally be free of the 2011 tax obligation. Coincidentally, Sarah Palin has been hired by the local teabillie faction to share a few of her political insights early this afternoon. It’s thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, there’s a constant drizzle and a twenty mile an hour breeze blowing. I hope the teabillies don’t catch cold. They are of course a hardy lot, coming in on buses from all over the state… from places where the snow hasn’t melted yet, from hillsides where today’s 20 mph breeze is the merest zephyr. They’ll be wrapped warm, some in camouflage hunting gear and some in heavy coats adorned with Green Bay Packer NFL licensed logos.

Earlier in the week I saw a Facebook posting suggesting that people avoid a counter-rally and work locally to gather petition signatures to recall the six remaining Republican senators. Good advice, I think, but there will be lots of people who can’t avoid gawking at a train wreck.

I’ve already missed opening day at the farmer’s market so if there was any asparagus on hand, I missed it. As for La Palin, I’m not missing a thing, although I’ve heard that if I can avoid vomiting, I can see her live around 1:30 on this link:

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