Ten years after

One would think that after ten years blogging and flogging I would have improved. One would think. Sadly, the last three years barely count. I’ve cranked out the obligatory post or four most every month but I’ve wasted an awful lot of online time in the so-called social web, twitter and Facebook and so forth. Partly my dissatisfaction stems from an inability to chart a steady course through the sea of online (self) publishing. This week I’m ditching one WordPress theme for another and I’m beginning a series of tweaks to this website that may provide a consistent look and feel for the foreseeable future. or not. Let’s just see how it goes.

In the middle of the front lawn is an enormous pile of oak leaves recently raked from the flower bed at the west end of the round-about. The lannon stone wall has suffered from frost heave and root pressure of a fierce encroachment of hollyhocks and mulberry seedlings. There’s some work to do out there to get it all back into shape for spring.

The white trim on the house needs repainting and the woodlot needs to be cleaned up.

There’s a machine shed full of small internal combustion engines and the machines they power just waiting for annual maintenance, and-in the case of the larger tiller and the brush cutter-major repair.

I have a couple of GB of memory I need to install on the older Dell in the office. I’ve successfully procrastinated around this simple task for almost a year. Work on the farm is never done!

So this blog has suffered while I’ve watched streaming Netflix-you can devour an entire season of MI5 in an evening if you put your mind to it-and read trash novels, good novels, and minor treasures of fun writing like the books of Sarah Vowell. What do I mean by “this blog has suffered?” Well, the writing around here hasn’t improved much, and the coverage of exciting political events fell off, and fewer cat pictures have been published, and the list goes on. I’ve finally fixed the RSS feed though. You can again subscribe to Listics and/or to Listics’ comments and feel assured that what’s being posted will find its way into your feed reader. So let’s see what happens next.

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  1. joared
    Posted April 15, 2011 at 1:48 | Permalink

    Haven’t visited here for a while as have been frittering my time away with other things too. Blog looks good, interesting topics. Just noticed all the links to which you send your post. Maybe I should do that, but might elicit too many comments from those who don’t agree, then I might feel compelled to reply.

    Interesting to read your coverage in posts after this about the Wisc. situation and the ultimately disappointing Prosser election.

    • Posted April 15, 2011 at 7:38 | Permalink

      Hi Joared. Thanks for dropping by. Quick question for you: What do you mean by “… all the links to which you send your post?” I have a ridiculous number of links in my sidebar, but I hope I’m not “pushing” these posts out to those links. If I am, then I put this thing together wrong! The intent is just to give a navigational aid to readers who might enjoy some of the links that I found interesting. Lots of them are broken by now. I keep meaning to do some house cleaning there.

      I’ve never had problems with too many comments here. I’d enjoy a few more!