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Friday, January 14, 2011

Be a better blogger bubba

January 14, 2011

Oh my oh my…

Meanwhile, in real life, I’m returning to work coding or patching or whatever, trying to fix whatever I broke last year when I upgraded to a new rev. level of WordPress. I think my New year resolution for 2010 was to be a better blogger, but I bumbled and I fumbled… wait, maybe that was 2009. or 2008. Anyway, I really am trying to tidy up around here, trying to improve the infrastructure.

This morning, I watched The Daily Show, Jon Stewart’s take on the news coverage of the media coverage of the recent memorial gathering at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I think that among those gathered there were lots of young people, socialized by reality television, and therefore unable to make the distinction between a celebrity and a dignitary. So I disagree with Stewart regarding their behavior. I thought maybe a little less of the giddy shrieking would have fine. On the other hand, they were there. I was not. That celebrity/dignitary distinction belongs to Beth, who generally agrees with me about all the whooping and hollering at an event we expected to be a little more somber. I like Samantha Bee’s suggestion about hiring old Italian widows in black to do the mourning.

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