by Frank Paynter on June 27, 2009

Shelley Powers declares her site redesign complete! She asks,

What breadcrumb could I use to tease you all into leaving the safety of your syndication feeds, to venture into the raw and wooly lands of actual web pages? With that one sentence I’ve managed to exceed 140 characters, so I’ve already broken the rhythm of the web. Now, I seek to further fracture Web Flow by luring you directly to my lair.

I’ll be there.

At Burningbird, Shelley presents five free-standing blogs isolating several of her interests yet all aggregated and accessible under the wings of http://burningbird.net.

  • MissouriGreen: all things Missouri and the South
  • Bb’s RealTech: all things web, tech, semantic, and graphical
  • Secret of Signals: writings about online video, movie reviews, video technology and so on
  • Frugal Algorithm: surviving on little in a culture that demands much
  • Just Shelley for everything else

If tech turns you on, but you aren’t interested in photography, then Bb’s RealIech and Secret of Signals are for you. I’m pretty much a fan of all things Shelley, and I think it’s fun to poke around in the archives of all her sites. At Burningbird Shelley has brought together good material going back ten years or more. It’s more than a blog, it’s a fine web publication. It’s a virtual coffee table book, an online magazine. Of course the latest stuff will be available in your feed readers, but to get a good taste of what Shelley’s accomplished and to explore a decade of burningbirditude, you’ll want to click through directly and skip the syndication feeds. Check it out real-time and click around with abandon. It’s worth a read.

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