Radically laying down their lives for the gospel…

by Frank Paynter on September 30, 2006

More on the christian madrassa movement…

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elsie 10.01.06 at 8:28

I’m practically speechless. “….which will translate into much healthier adults” ?????!! Torture will never make any human being healthier, and that’s what it looks like to me. I will not believe that this is really how God (if there is one) wants us to teach our children.

madame l. 10.01.06 at 10:47

is it expensive?

Frank Paynter 10.01.06 at 12:45

Elsie, I don’t know what to say. Allah wants his children raised with AK47s and the willingness to die for a shot at the jihadist paradise. God similarly wants his children to be armed with an M16 and prepared to die for Jesus in the great crusade against the infidel muslims. The winners of this struggle will be the secular Chinese government.

Leslie, it is NOT expensive if you consider the cost of comparable summer camps. Also, the evangelical skill set that many of the young people develop will be very useful in later life, even in a secular context… witness Robert Scoble and other technology evangelists. These people make good money and mostly are not called to die for the cause.

bmo 10.01.06 at 2:48

I’m glad I clicked the link before I made a fool of meself. Yes, once again you have connected the right dots, fp. You are narfed. Not you. You and your people. Although they aren’t really your people. Still…

Dean Landsman 10.07.06 at 8:35

Hey, will Mike Tyson become a spokesthug for these highly motivated savers of our collective souls?!

If ever a case could be made FOR abortion, this is it.

Egad (how vain of me to take . . . .)

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