Hey Mister Tangerine Man…

by Frank Paynter on September 30, 2006

David Weinberger has opened a “markets are metaphors” contest, offering readers a chance to provide him with one liners in Maastricht where he’s offering the keynote speech at a conference called “Markets are conversations.”

Nothing will top Chris Locke’s “Markets are misheard lyrics,” but it’s a fun game to play anyway.

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McD 09.30.06 at 2:40

I played…

Markets are organisms… as in biology.

They must adapt to new circumstances to thrive and see growth. They are an interaction with outside forces… politics, economic factors, and potentiall hazardous organisms that threaten their food supply or functioning behavior.

The converstions of the Cluetraiom world are just commentary surrounding the organism but they only impact the organism when they create hazardous circumstances… like a conversation about a product defect that leads the organism to annouce a recall. The conversation is powerful but the oprganisms response is still the essense of the markets vitality.

Markets are living organisms in a potentially hostile or fertile medium.

Conversations are still just talk.

No credit required… run with it and thanks for asking.

A fellow Dave.

Frank Paynter 09.30.06 at 3:20

Yo… McD… looks like you dove into delete again?

Oh well.

I think your metaphor about markets as living organisms is a good one.

McD 10.01.06 at 2:59


I did… I’ve resurfaced at http://blogocide.wordpress.com

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