Sat Nam

by Frank Paynter on September 28, 2006

I’m old. Most of my exercise comes from bending over to pull my socks on in the morning and off at night. Of course, you could say I have to be strong to carry that fifty pound bag of excess fat around with me wherever I go. Yet, for all the physical deterioration, buried somewhere beneath the crust of my dimming consciousness there remain the good intentions. Someday I could get in shape. Someday I could break free of my bad habits.

I’m gullible. Maybe short-sighted is a better word. In early August, when Beth suggested we sign up for the partner yoga class, it seemed far enough away that I could hope maybe I’d die before the first class. I’m averse to conflict. I agreed to go because it was easier to assent than to fight it out.

Last week was the first class. Beth bought us matching yoga mats, smelly rolls of soft foam outgassing carcinogens. No way could it be healthy to lie about on these mats. I had a conflict. We missed the first class. All week the mats have been in my office, sort of a stealth oncology marketing gimmick if you ask me.

Last night was the second class. I couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse to avoid it. There we were, with half a dozen other couples. Guess who was the oldest fat guy in the room. Hint: me.

This morning I feel surprisingly good.

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tamarika 09.30.06 at 5:07

Frank I have done yoga for many years (was a yoga teacher in my late twenties for a few years). So I am no one to comment here because I *love* it! Some of the greatest yogis (Sivananda comes to mind) were really large. Larger than you, I’m sure. Anyone can do it - that’s the beauty of it.

I hope you get to enjoy a few more classes before you excuse out of there. Love the picture!

Frank Paynter 09.30.06 at 9:48

Yes Tamarika, I’ll probably stick it out no matter how inadequate I feel, because - well, I have no shame.

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