Tom Shugart Rides Again!

by Frank Paynter on January 30, 2006

There’s fresh insight at INSITEVIEW.  Tom’s back from the almost dead.  We almost lost him and never knew!  There’s something way not fair about a healthy eater and exerciser like Tom suffering from clogged arteries when a jerk like Winston Churchill could smoke those stogies, suck down quarts of booze, and eat beef all day and walk right through it — albeit in a stuporous somewhat jingoistic haze.

(Disclaimer - I’m glad Winnie beat the Nazis back from the shores of England, and I’m glad that he was such an inspirational leader for those times, but it right pisses me off that he joined with Harry and the corporateers to visit the mindset of the cold war on our generation.  "Duck and cover."  What an asshole.)

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Tom Shugart 01.30.06 at 3:17

Thanks for setting our younger readers straight on the British Blowhard. It’s instructive that the voters booted him out shortly after the war was over. Why they brought him back a few years later is beyond me. Probably because of the Commie scare which he helped whip up.

And, yes, it IS unfair, but chromosones and genes are a crapshoot, and Einstein was wrong. The Maker DID roll the dice. He/She/It wanted to keep things interesting-and they certainly are that.

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