The Loudest Car Audio - A Competition

by Frank Paynter on December 30, 2004

"…they are nothing like the trunk-rattling thugs most people see at traffic lights. They are louder."

Ben Paynter writes: (from this week’s Kansas City Pitch, written in large part over the Thanksgiving weekend at our kitchen table…)

Mechanics sneak nips from longnecks. Others clench cigarettes
between their lips as they twist wires and pump bass-heavy tracks from
Outkast and Eminem, which grow louder with each component added to the
electrical daisy chain. A green Ford Metropolitan, lifted on 6-foot
wheels and 5-ton axles, rises above the sea of polished metal. The
truck has a detachable, touch-screen CD player, three amps and six
15-inch speakers wired to eight car batteries. A black van from
Moberly, Missouri, blasts test tones that trigger car alarms — its
open rear doors reveal a cargo of amps stacked like shipping boxes.
Some cars have enough raw power to torch amplifiers, shatter glass
windshields, rend metal.

Welcome to the 17th annual Tuner Jam: the largest, loudest
car-stereo competition on the planet. Stereo geeks from around the
country converge here once a year, morphing their cars into the world’s
most powerful portable boomboxes, pitting sound system against sound
system to find out whose is loudest.  Read more…

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Joe Gedville 07.27.05 at 11:18

What is the loudest car system yall have heard? (In decibles)

Anonymous 01.30.06 at 7:52

i have 4 L 7’s in the back of my blazer extreme

Anonymous 04.05.06 at 11:59

I have 4 l5 12 with a bd1500 and it hits a 163 decimals in the back of my 99 eclpise

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