22nd May 2003

The Parts that were

The Parts that were left out of the Ryan Irelan Interview

Golby:  What is it about bloggers, Frank? Who is this Irelan guy? I feel I’ve known him a hundred years.

From his music to movies to attitude to learning… yep, it’s a real privilege to read this, Ryan. One thing strikes me. While giving so many straightforward, clear answers, you seem to be asking more questions than Frank.

Springsteen’s song’s circling my brain. “No retreat, baby, no surrender.” It comes across pretty strong, especially with Dylan and Petty backing. I guess my motto was a bit closer to “We busted outa class, had to get away from those fools”, but there you go, it’s the same song.

With the shift in emphasis, I guess you’re about seventeen years more mature than I am :).  
Ah, yes, this is the better part of blogging. Thanks to both of you.

Irelan:  I’m all questions, Golby (if I may call you that). Here’s some music stuff that didn’t make it into the final draft:

Harry Nilsson. That is where it’s at.

I have a list of people I would like to see in concert before they die. No, really. Dylan, Petty and The Boss have already been checked off the list. Who else? Let’s see… Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Of course I would also like to see Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Radiohead (I had a chance to see them but missed it — for a girl — I promptly broke up with her and to this day do not forgive her), the Stones and I’m at a loss at moment as to the rest.

A few I sadly missed - Jeff Buckley, Garcia, Harry Nilsson and Zappa.

I listen to almost anything except new country (old country is okay), christian music, and anything that is either equally or more annoying than Jennifer Lopez. An easy way to describe my taste in music would be “good.”

Most recently I’ve rediscovered Neil Young’s latest album “Are You Passionate” (2002), which, despite the awful artwork, is an excellent album. Track 9 “Two Old Friends” is oh so good and oh so Neil Young.

“‘I’m dreamin’ of a time when love and music is everywhere.’ ‘Can you see that time comin”? ‘No, my son, that time is gone. There’s things to do.’”

So, what’s my favorite song? Well, it’s so hard to choose, but if I had to I would say “Born to Run” by Springsteen. But that could change tomorrow. Ya never know.


Golby:  With a career almost as long as Dylan’s and classics spanning the years from Buffalo Springfield to today, Neil Young’s probably one of the most under-rated musicians in modern music. With the price of music being pretty steep here, ‘new’ stuff is hard to come by [unless it's for the kids - who have good taste - my little 11-year olds just completed her collection of Nirvana] and TV doesn’t offer much. Hence, although I know his music, I’ve not seen or heard much of Johnny Cash besides the time-worn classics. Both he and Young sang about a hell of a lot more than they sang about. Somehow, Willie Nelson has slipped through our paucity of televised sound and, yes, Wendy and I sit and chuckle at the old bastard tossing out his classics. There’s a throwaway class about greatness and Nelson has it in spadefuls [I think the last thing we saw was a tribute concert where, as with Dylan's 30th, he showed the new kids on the block how it's done]. If Dylan came out here? I’ve said it before. I’d probably crawl the 1,000 miles to Jo’burg on bloodshod knees, without expectation. I’ve met some great people in my time and I’d just like to see if old Bob really carries all that he gives with the paradoxically self-conscious, diffident nonchalance and self-conscious, staged mastery he shows on stage. Never was a Dead Head (that was an American phenomenon, I think) but, yes, we grew up listening to Zappa. I’ve had ‘No Surrender’ on my mind for a while now and I think, running through most of Springsteen’s great songs (Born in the USA as well), and these other guys - with the possible exception of Petty who, to me, has always been a fellow cynic in a brotherly way (although…), is the notion of ‘follow your dreams down’. I’ve always been a sucker for that and expressed well in music or song and perhaps played out with a keyboard or pen rather than drums or guitars, it’s an unbeatable feeling.

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